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Handwritten cover letters are still a thing in France

3 September 2014 •   Categories: Blog post, Jobfeed France

The handwritten cover letter had long been the French recruiter’s favorite tool. Its graphological analysis was meant to facilitate the hiring process by uncovering the character traits hidden behind the candidates’ pencil strokes. While less ubiquitous today, the handwritten cover letter …

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Textkernel sponsors Sourcing Summit Europe (#SOSUEU)

29 August 2014 •   Categories: Active Sourcing, Events, Search!

On 23 and 24 September, Textkernel is sponsoring the Sourcing Summit in Amsterdam.Textkernel is proud to be sponsor of the Sourcing Summit Europe (#SOSUEU) for the second year in a row. SOSU Europe is the pan-European conference focused on talent sourcing.

On 23 and 24 September, #SOSUEU will highlight the growing importance of talent sourcing and ...

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Search! update (2014.2) – Active Sourcing release

19 August 2014 •   Categories: Active Sourcing, New release, Search!

New Search! 2014.2 releaseTextkernel has released a new version of its semantic search software Search! . Besides semantically searching your internal database(s), Search! also allows you to simultaneously source external sites such as LinkedIn, Xing and Monster.

Textkernel is continuously optimising and expanding ...

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Cross-country analysis of the German, French and Dutch online job markets - Q2 2014

12 August 2014 •   Categories: Labour market analysis, Jobfeed, Jobfeed DE, Jobfeed France

Earlier this month, Textkernel published its Q2 – 2014 index of the German, French and Dutch online job markets. This index is based on the analysis of millions of job postings published online in the second quarter of 2014 and collected by Jobfeed, …

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How Jobfeed helps army officers transition to the civilian labour market

4 August 2014 •   Categories: Jobfeed France, Clients

More than a hundred general officers having reached the end of their military careers are leaving the French army every year. The Mission for the Return of General Officers to Civilian Life ( MIRVOG), created in 2005 under the French Ministry of Defense, is tasked to accompany these high ranking officers through their professional transition.

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