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Improvements in Jobfeed

29 January 2015 •   Categories: Jobfeed, Jobfeed DE, Jobfeed France, New release

Jobfeed is a product of TextkernelJobfeed has implemented a number of changes in the portal so you will benefit from even better results!

Better results
By improving the company's database, we can recognise more companies and connect them to information such as industry, company and address. You can now find ...

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Highlights Textkernel 2014

31 December 2014 •   Categories: Annual review, Textkernel

Textkernel Highlights 20142014 was a year of growth, innovation and internationalisation. With customers in over 18 countries, Textkernel has further established its international position as leader in semantic recruitment technology. Textkernel looks back with pride at a year filled with product innovation, new international …

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Happy holidays from Textkernel!

24 December 2014 •   Categories: Textkernel

Textkernel wishes you more and better candidates for 2015!More and better candidates powered by Textkernel's apply with widget

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31 December 2014 •  Highlights Textkernel 2014