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Textkernel’s software is powered by the latest developments in AI, Deep Learning, Semantic Search and Machine Learning

We provide recruitment and staffing agencies, corporate employers, job boards and software vendors with a competitive edge over traditional CV parsing, searching and matching methods. The result? Finding the best candidates faster, speeding up the recruitment process.

Multilingual CV parsing, powered by Deep Learning

The first CV parsing software in the world to be powered by Deep Learning. Textkernel’s Extract! provides the most accurate data and helps you build the highest quality talent pool, faster.

Extract! CV parsing eliminates manual data entry, allows candidates to apply via any device and enables better search results. It can be easily incorporated into any recruitment process (both on desktop and mobile), career site or back office solution.

Talent sourcing, powered by Semantic Search

Semantic search technology helps you find the right jobs and candidates in your own database and in external sources, effectively and easily.

Textkernel’s Search! goes beyond keyword searching and boolean to find what you mean, not what you type. This enables job seekers and recruiters to easily find the most relevant jobs and candidates.

Candidate and job matching, powered by Machine Learning

Match technology technology powered by semantic search and Machine Learning, enables you to automatically create a search query based on a job posting or CV.

Textkernel’s Match allows you to find the best matching CVs or job posting results in your databases (and from external sources), accelerating the process of connecting candidates and jobs.

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