Textkernel has been a trusted partner for Talentsoft for many years. Now, customers of Talentsoft can also benefit from Textkernel’s AI-powered matching technology – without ever having to leave their Talentsoft environment.

Make your HR agile with AI-powered matching that improves diversity, efficiency and business impact

Becoming agile to improve performance and adaptability is a strategic goal for HR. To attract, retain and grow a skilled workforce at an accelerated pace, you must be able, at any moment, to know the best match between people and jobs both internally and externally.

The power of Artificial Intelligence in your recruitment process

This is where the latest in AI-powered recruitment technology can help out. Textkernel Multilingual Match makes suggestions out of large volumes of data to help you anticipate and succeed in the Talent Management challenges of today.

Textkernel’s advanced matching technology will help you

✓   Getting qualified cv’s with just the click of a button
✓   Make internal mobility agile
✓   Keep good candidates engaged and don’t let them get away!
✓   Find the needle in the haystack
✓   Enhance diversity by design

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Textkernel and TextUs partner to help staffing firms source and contacts candidates faster

Combine next-level searching and matching technologies with automated business-class texting to fill open positions with top candidates before your competition. This new partnership is directly available from the Bullhorn ATS. 

Amsterdam, September 7th 2020 – Textkernel, the specialist in machine intelligence for matching people and jobs, and TextUs, the only business class texting platform built for the staffing industry, announced today that they will be joining forces to help staffing firms automate candidate sourcing and outreach. 

From sourcing to automated outreach – all seamlessly from your Bullhorn ATS

Together, TextUs and Textkernel will allow you to identify candidates who are a potential match for an open position and then reach out to those candidates automatically via text messaging, all seamlessly from your Bullhorn ATS. Instead of manually locating quality talent and reaching out to them one by one, this partnership allows you to skip the tedious work so you can focus on the important stuff: building relationships, connecting people with their dream job, and scaling faster. 

Textkernel’s highly advanced semantic search, sourcing and matching technology, is the only solution that allows staffing professionals to create a match based on either a job description or resume with just one single click, identifying and shortlisting your top candidates, from your Bullhorn database or external sources. No more manual sorting through legions of mismatches and poor fits to get to the top candidates who have what it takes. The seamless Textkernel and TextUs integration enables recruiters to leverage Textkernel’s proprietary semantic search and match technology to source from their Bullhorn database and then contact those qualified candidates through TextUs. You’ll engage passive candidates more easily, connect with hard-to-reach talent, and increase your speed-to-market.

“You’ll essentially be able to generate tear sheets of qualified candidates while you sleep,” said Erich Hugunin, Chief Revenue Officer of TextUs. “And the beauty of this partnership is that, through your ATS or CRM, TextUs can reach out to those candidates automatically so you’ll have meetings booked by the time you wake up.”

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with TextUs. It allows staffing professionals not only find and shortlist and reach out to the best candidates within seconds. This enables recruiters to really scale their efforts in an efficient, yet engaging manner.” Chris Conrad, Director of Sales North America, Textkernel

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Tried and tested by 7 out of the top 10 global staffing firms

Textkernel’s AI-powered technology helps you:

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