Textkernel is honored and excited to share the news of our inclusion in the cohort of winning software companies of the 9th Annual Main 50. This annual ranking of the 50 most successful Dutch software companies shines light on the success of the local software market.

Textkernel thanks its hard-working employees, customers and partners in supporting our vision to deliver AI that connects people and jobs. As of 2021, we have been in business 20 years and we look forward to our exciting future.

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Bringing transparency and a “human touch” to AI for Recruitment with Semantic Modeling and Knowledge Graphs 

Recorded on 12 November | 45 minutes

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Recorded on: October 20, 2020 | Duration: 31 minutes

In this webinar you’ll learn the importance of skills and its strategies and how the Textkernel Skills API can help workforce planning and internal mobility efforts.

Watch the on-demand Webinar | Reducing Bias to increase Diversity in the hiring process

Recorded on Sept 22, 2020 | Duration: 42 minutes

Ruth Moquer-Torcy, Alliance & Partnership Manager SEU and Mihai Rotaru, Head of R&D at Textkernel explain what could be the role of AI in bias mitigation in recruitment, talent management, candidate attraction, to enhance Diversity and Inclusion.

Deep Learning is a cutting edge technology that has revolutionized AI and Machine Learning in the past few years. It is an advanced technique that can automatically discover patterns from large amounts of data. Common examples of Deep Learning that we all use on a daily basis include speech recognition (e.g. Siri, Alexa etc.) and movie or music recommendation (e.g. Netflix, Spotify). Even your daily Google searches are powered by Deep Learning.

Within every domain that comes with a lot of data, Deep Learning can improve and empower business processes. HR and Talent Acquisition (TA) is no exception. In this article, we will shortly discuss three examples of potential applications of Deep Learning in the HR or TA domain. If you’re interested in learning more about Deep Learning and how it can benefit your TA processes, please join our webinar.

1- CV Parsing

CV Parsing is a crucial first step for TA: properly understanding and coding CVs is essential for searching, matching or data analytics. CV Parsing is considered a commodity nowadays, but under the hood, there are elaborate, complex language models based on Deep Learning. In 2017, Textkernel released the first Deep Learning-based CV parser with a very big improvement in parsing accuracy. Language models based on this technique are much more rich and subtle than simpler language models, and therefore “understanding” the text in a CV is much easier.

2- Knowledge Mining

Because Deep Learning allows algorithms to have a deeper “understanding” of what language means, that also means we can apply it to gather domain knowledge from data. For example, the algorithm can learn that good communication skills are important for a sales job. It can also understand very specialized skills, and how they relate to each other, like big data skills ‘Hadoop’ and ‘HDFS’ being related. Once incorporated in products like Textkernel’ Search&Match, recruiters can find and match the right candidates or jobs without knowing this specialized knowledge.

3- Matching people and jobs

A Deep Learning algorithm can learn which people in your database are good candidates for a given job. Based on past data, Deep Learning models can be taught to understand what are important elements for a good match. The advantage that Deep Learning can bring for this application is that it grasps subtleties much better than a keyword-based matching system.

These are just three examples of how Deep Learning can empower TA processes. If this article piqued your curiosity, please join us at our webinar on June 10th. In this webinar, we will explain in Layman’s terms how Deep Learning works and how it can be applied to the TA domain. No prior technical experience or knowledge required.

This blog post was written by Vincent Slot, team lead Search R&D and Mihai Rotaru, head of R&D at Textkernel.

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