Elasticsearch als neues Backend

Textkernel hat kürzlich die neueste Version von Search! und Match! mit Elasticsearch als Suchserver veröffentlicht. Ruben Geerlings, Leitender Entwickler im Search!-Team, erläutert die Gründe der Entscheidung und berichtet über Herausforderungen und deren Lösung während des Projektes.

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About the Author

profile-2014-march-crop-400x400Ruben Geerlings is the lead developer behind Search! and has worked at Textkernel for six years. He started working on Sourcebox and subsequently moved to the Search! and Match! products. Three years ago he initiated the Textkernel Innovation Week and he has helped organise the event every year since. His innovations include a „virtual agent for online applications“ and a „crowdsourced job recommendation engine„.
Born and raised in Amsterdam, Ruben graduated in Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam specialising in Software Engineering. When he is not coding he spends most of his time trying to teach his one-year-old son to speak Dutch and Mandarin.

“You cannot expect a query that returns good results for generic Web pages to return the best results when searching in CVs and Jobs specifically”