Posted on November 19, 2019

How ARTS improved internal sourcing with semantic search and match

ARTS is an expert for industrial engineering, technology consulting and HR services. At five locations and over 25 project sites, more than 500 technical and business specialists work for ARTS to turn customers’ visions into reality.

ARTS faced the challenge to find enough suitable candidates within their own database to fill their 200+ monthly positions. They decided to replace their own self-developed matching system with Textkernel’s AI-powered technology, as well as leverage Textkernel’s expertise in automated resume parsing.

“The problem with a ‘black and white’ searching system is that you might miss out on relevant candidates. Textkernel’s semantic searching and matching allow us to automatically find greater numbers of suitable candidates for open positions as they come in.” – Tom Pohling, HR Manager at ARTS

Download the full customer case to find out more: