Employers sourcing in your ATS

Find better candidates. In less time.

Your goal

Surface talent you did not know you’ve had, fill all your open roles in less time. Become future ready with the right talent on board.

Your challenge

Finding the right candidates with the right skills becomes more and more business critical, as shortage in talent is becoming a serious business risk. Companies often maintain substantial databases filled with thousands of applicants, candidates and employee profiles. But firms often overlook their own talent pool when initiating the recruitment process. The reason? Data in the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or CRM is frequently unstructured, making it difficult to search within. Recruiters will miss out on this valuable source of candidates.

Our solution

Structure all your data and create a valuable and searchable talentpool with our cv-parsing technology Extract!

And, AI-powered semantic search technology to help you identify the best talent, in your own talent pools and external sources. The technology helps you find what you mean, not what you type, by helping you with synonyms and related terms based on what you are looking for. It helps recruiters by doing the heavy lifting of surfacing the right skills and talents, without a recruiter having to have all of the extensive domain knowledge. This allows recruiters to focus on the human part of making the connection. Plus: a Boolean Black Belt is no longer needed.

Match before post

Match! turns your job description into a search query and semantically searches your database and external sources for the best candidates. Alternatively, you can also match candidates to your jobs.

The outcome

  1. Every recruiter a sourcing expert
  2. Find the best candidates in less time
  3. Maximize value of your own talent pools
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