Meet us at Club Talentsoft 2020 | Digital Event

Club Talentsoft 2020

Textkernel is excited to be part of Club Talentsoft. Respond. Reflect. Reboot.

  • Location: Online
  • Date: 16 June 2020

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We’re proud to be a sponsor of the first online edition of Club Talentsoft!

With the world turning on its head our partner Talentsoft had to reimagine every aspect of Club Talentsoft in 2020. Get ready for an interactive, immersive, and engaging virtual experience!

Virtual booth
Online does not mean that you can not meet us! Our team will be ‘walking around’ our virtual booth and is happy to answer any of your questions. Want to learn more about how HR can adapt to an ever-changing world? Yves Loiseau, General Manager Southern Europe at Textkernel, will share his expertise in a talk.

Talk – “HR Reconstruction and AI. Why agile HR is here to stay and how the power of AI can help you achieve it”

After a crisis comes a time to reconstruct and rebuild. One thing the crisis has proven is that we need to be able to adapt our businesses more quickly. In other words: we need to be able to deal with change – the one constant in life we can be certain of. We need to become more agile. And so does HR.

Agile HR is not a new topic but the pandemic brings it again to the forefront. Agile HR means being able to quickly attract, retain and redeploy talent. As an HR leader you bear the responsibility to guide people through an increasingly complex professional landscape and you need to inventorize (talent, hard and soft skills, gaps that can be bridged with training) to make intelligent matches. The power of Artificial Intelligence can help you build this, making your business truly resilient for the unexpected yet inevitable changes to come.

The power of AI in Talentsoft 
Keen to learn more about how AI-powered matching can help you make HR agile for your organization? Learn more about the Textkernel offering for Talentsoft.