Textkernel at the SIA Executive Forum North America 2022

Meet the team in Austin, TX!

Textkernel looks forward to seeing you at the SIA Executive Forum NA event. From February 28th to March 3rd, our team will be on site. Come by to chat and discover how Textkernel can transform your corporate recruiting with best-in-class AI technology.

  • Global Leader in Resume & Job Parsing
  • Automatic Semantic Search & Match
  • Labor Market Intelligence
  • Lead Generation

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Jobfeed analysis

Vaccines at Work: New Requirements for the US Labor Market

Where is vaccination a condition of employment? It’s different for some companies, for some states, and for some positions. But how prevalent is it, really?

Textkernel report examines how the new US COVID-19 vaccination mandate is being reflected in national and state job postings. Take a look for insights that might help shape company policy.


Textkernel Search unlocks the value of Jacobson Group’s extensive candidate database

Leveraging Textkernel in Bullhorn allowed Jacobson to better use its vast candidate database, quickly finding rare talent for niche roles in a highly competitive market. In the first year it was used, Textkernel in Bullhorn influenced 25.8% of Jacobson placements.

Give your recruiters the tools they need to optimize their workflow:

  • Automate shortlisting and sourcing
  • Use semantic search to ramp up new recruiters faster
  • Free them from “busy work” so they can refocus on the relationships that power your business

Deliver business value to The Jacobson Group without changing recruiter workflow

Textkernel enabled Jacobson recruiters to find more candidates faster without significantly changing their existing workflow. Beyond the revised search interfaces and ranking of results, Jacobson recruiters had access to all the regular Bullhorn actions such as tearsheets, notes, tasks and more. This seamless integration into Bullhorn (and the workflow used by recruiters) removed a barrier to user adoption, particularly with new recruiters who may not have extensive industry experience.