Find new business in  economic downturn – directly in Bullhorn
For staffing and recruiting

Find new business in economic downturn - directly in Bullhorn

Today’s labor is turned on its head. From record levels of unemployment to a flood of great candidates newly available in only a matter of months, staffing and recruiting agencies need to pivot their strategy to find organizations that are still hiring, and then provide them with the best talent. But, how do you remain competitive during economic downturn, and how do you ensure you’re investing in tools that deliver maximum value now while preparing your business for when the market recovers?

Jobfeed - Turn millions of job postings into your business development dashboard - all within Bullhorn

Over 200 million current and historic job postings from 70,000+ sites in one central tool

  • Import leads directly into your Bullhorn leads – in just one click
  • Get the highest quality leads of companies still hiring delivered to your inbox, daily
  • Save at least 1 hour, per recruiter, per day on identifying new business
  • Increase your sales efficiency and business development output by focusing on opportunities with a higher chance of success
  • Gain real-time labor market data to provide your customers with key insights they don’t have
  • React immediately to market changes with automated, daily updates

€12,000 placement within 3 weeks - Independent Recruiters Testimonial

We made our first placement, valued at €12,000, within 3 weeks; something we couldn’t have done without Jobfeed! The tool provides us very valuable and up to date information about the labor market. It really allows us to be on the ball.

– Olfertjan Niemeijer (Independent recruiters)

Do these questions seem familiar?

  • Where can I find more of the right leads quickly?
  • How can I easily keep track of the new jobs that my clients and prospects are advertising?
  • What other staffing firms am I competing with in my local market for the same roles?
  • Who are the top and/or new employers in my market that I should prospect?
  • What online resources are my clients using to try and fill their jobs?

A single portal for business development and analytics

  1. Filter jobs by criteria such as occupation, location, education, direct employers or company name
  2. View aggregated job postings from across the web in one searchable database
  3. Get insight into the advertising behavior of your customers and prospects
  4. Discover organizations with job postings matching your criteria
  5. Get insight into the labor market with Analytics in Jobfeed

Discover new business opportunities with your free Jobfeed trial

Sign up for a Jobfeed demo and receive a free trial to discover new business leads during times of economic downturn.

Jobfeed Insights - Demand-side market insights

Gain insight into:

    • Number of Jobs and posting duration
    • Seasonal trends, weekly
    • Most frequently used job boards
    • Top skills matching your search criteria, including Professional skills, IT skills, Soft skills and Language skills
    • Top posting Direct Employers and Agencies
    • Salary and Regional distributions

EMSI Analytics - Supply-side market insights

  • Gain insight into:
    • Employment numbers per profession, with future predictions
    • Typical earnings, including comparison between target and national regions
    • Details on the number of organizations and online job postings
    • Historical and current trends of Jobs advertised online, versus Hires
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