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array(21) {
  string(95) "Create efficiencies and grow your agency – Textkernel at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2019"
  string(48) "Semantic Search now available in more languages!"
  string(94) "AI in Recruitment – Now your entire team knows more than your most experienced recruiter"
  string(55) "Book a demo and meet the team at Unleash Amsterdam 2018"
  string(44) "Jobfeed update – new features now live"
  string(74) "New CV parsing release – more languages now powered by Deep Learning"
  string(86) "Textkernel’s new Deep Learning-powered parsing solution is now available for French!"
  string(57) "Meet Textkernel and CareerBuilder at Bullhorn Engage 2018"
  string(67) "Extract! 4.0 – German CV parsing now powered by Deep Learning"
  string(41) "Textkernel sponsors SourceCon Europe 2018"
  string(63) "Textkernel accelerates global growth plans with new CTO and COO"
  string(51) "New release for Jobfeed: find out what’s new!"
  string(65) "Textkernel brings game-changing AI to the Recruitment Agency Expo"
  string(71) "An increasing number of job postings online, but which ones are unique?"
  string(58) "Extract! 4.0: Changing the Parsing game with Deep Learning"
  string(55) "Meet Textkernel at events in London, Boston and Utrecht"
  string(66) "Meet Textkernel at the HR Tech World Spring 2017 edition in London"
  string(52) "Visit Textkernel at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2017"
  string(28) "Jobfeed crosses the Atlantic"
  string(116) "Searching for candidates in CareerBuilder’s job boards with Textkernel’s semantic search and matching technology"
  string(36) "Textkernel at HRcoreLab in Barcelona"

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  string(42) "Report: The Candidate Experience in the UK"

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  string(79) "White paper: A Northern European Perspective on the Online Candidate Experience"

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  string(65) "2016 Trends: HR will be Agile – Ebook Talentsoft/Textkernel"

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  string(72) "Trends in HR and recruitment vacancies in the UK over 2016 (infographic)"

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  string(79) "The state of the online job market in Q2 in Germany, France and the Netherlands"

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  string(76) "Meet Textkernel – Visit us at these events with interesting discounts!"

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  string(110) "25 October: Q&A with Steven Plehier (Deloitte) on Textkernel’s stand at HR Tech World – Paris"

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  string(35) "The UK job market online in Q3 2017"

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  string(89) "Textkernel showcases AI-powered recruitment solutions at the 2018 Global Recruiter Summit"

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  string(41) "State of the UK Labour Market – Q3 2018"

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  string(45) "State of the UK Labour market – Q1 2018"

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  string(104) "Experience Textkernel’s sourcing and business development solutions at Bullhorn Engage London 2018"

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  string(87) "Meet Textkernel at the Sourcing Summit Germany – The top event for finding talent"

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  string(45) "State of the UK Labour Market – Q2 2018"

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  string(81) "Unlock the value of your talent pool – Textkernel at SourceCon Atlanta 2018"

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  string(66) "Free on-demand Webinar – Taking your business beyond borders"