Generative AI solutions for Recruitment and HR

We partner with staffing agencies, corporate HR & software vendors to unlock Generative AI solutions for Recruitment and HR

Having successfully navigated and adopted AI advancements for over 20 years, Textkernel’s vision is to harness the full potential of Generative AI to revolutionize Recruitment and HR. We are embarking on a new AI journey with our customers and partners by: 

Parse new possibilities

LLM Parser

Textkernel’s LLM Parser (beta) showcases the fusion of our deep learning expertise, proprietary taxonomies, and 20 years of parsing experience with the natural language understanding capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) like Open AI’s ChatGPT. The result is a parsing solution that delivers unparalleled accuracy, virtually limitless data extraction flexibility, and the power to unlock a world of possibilities in talent acquisition:

  • Ensure future-proof operations
  • A trusted, secure, and compliant solution
  • Streamlined integration
Experimenting together

Textkernel AI Labs

Your portal to the latest experimental features and products that combine the power of Generative AI (e.g. GPT 4.0) with Textkernel’s existing products, including (but not limited to):

  • Vacancy generator: Write a full job ad in seconds. Save time and build better job ads to attract better applicants
  • Candidate match summary: Automatically summarize why a candidate is a good fit for a job, simplifying submission of candidates to clients or hiring managers. 
  • Smart outreach email: Draft tailored outreach messages to candidates, increasing response rates. 

Whitepaper | LLMs in Recruitment: from history to benefits and risks

🌐 Explore the fascinating history of AI, from deep learning to LLMs
🌐 Discover the seven crucial limitations and risks tied to the integration of LLMs in recruitment and HR software

01 LLMs Part 1

ChatGPT, GPT-4 and LLMs: what is it and why the hype?

02 LLMs Part 2

Large Language Models for Recruitment: Beware of the pitfalls, data breaches, security threats, potential bias, and more

03 Responsible AI

Using AI responsibly


Webinar | Getting started with AI for recruitment

Just getting familiar with AI for recruitment? In this 4-part webinar series, we’ll get you up to speed with the top AI-related topics for talent acquisition.

01 Part 1

AI in Talent Acquisition

02 Part 2

How to use AI responsibly in recruitment

03 Part 3

How AI supports Diversity Recruitment Strategies

04 Part 4

AI for Talent Acquisition - Deep Dive into Deep Learning

Join Textkernel transformative journey with AI

“We believe LLMs will enable the next step in productivity growth. But the road to a responsible adoption of LLMs is riddled with obstacles and pitfalls. We are treating these limitations seriously in our current adoption of LLMs.”

Mihai Rotaru

Head of Research & Development

Embracing the AI Revolution: Mainstream Adoption of LLMs

LLMs have immense potential to revolutionize productivity and technology. This is why staffing agencies and corporate HR departments are eager to harness the capabilities of LLMs to enhance their talent acquisition processes, enabling them to acquire and retain top talent more efficiently and rapidly. 

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