How Textkernel’s matching technology speeds up Manpower’s placements
Customer Story

How Textkernel's matching technology speeds up Manpower's placements

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Increasing the quality of service by optimizing processes

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About Manpower

With 60 branch offices, 400 in-house employees and 200,000 active candidates in its database, Manpower is one of the top players in the staffing industry. As a market leader, its main responsibility is to match candidate and employer profiles.

The Challenge

Long processes and time-consuming administrative tasks

Time-consuming processes have for too long slowed down the work of recruiters, affecting the delivery of high-quality services to their customers. With more than 4,000 applications received per week, Manpower needed support from intelligent tools to support in-house recruiters and enhance its matching and placement capabilities.

The Approach

Semantic matching technology

After assessing various suppliers, Manpower recognised Textkernel technology’s potential for helping Manpower recruiters quickly match candidates with jobs and vice versa. Manpower was also influenced in its choice by Textkernel’s personnel, interface, market position and project proposal.

Customer Quote

“Our recruiters have a user-friendly interface and can find and match relevant candidates in our database. We have already arranged new placements to the fullest satisfaction of our customers that we would not have identified otherwise.” -
Alexandre Grasset, Senior project Manager at Manpower

The Result

Fast, easy matching

Textkernel’s semantic search and matching technology allows Manpower to match candidates with jobs, as well as vacancies to profiles. Incoming applications are routed by Sourcebox, Textkernel’s workflow application, which is connected to Manpower’s existing system.

These profiles can be (automatically) matched to all available Manpower jobs, as well as all direct employer jobs in the Swiss market. At the same time, jobs can also be semantically matched to all profiles in the Manpower database.

Product spotlight

The importance of semantics in recruitment

With three official national languages, semantics (the understanding of the meaning behind words and sentences) plays a key role in the Swiss recruitment process.

A search engine that is solely based on a full-text search is not sophisticated enough to understand candidate profiles and match them with a vacancy. Synonyms and translations need to be taken into account in order to provide relevant search and matching results.

Textkernel BV

About Textkernel

Textkernel works with over 1,000 HR and staffing organizations worldwide to bring the latest in artificial intelligence technology to our customers’ fingertips. We work with companies across multiple industries delivering multilingual parsing, semantic search and match, and labor market intelligence solutions.

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