Jobfeed for Outplacement

Jobfeed for Outplacement

Quickly and easily match your outgoing employees to real-time open vacancies

The reality of today’s quickly evolving labor market is that employees can often find themselves redundant. Strategic shifts, market downturns, or organizational changes can leave even the most talented and skilled employees without employment.

The largest searchable job database for outplacement, competitive insight, talent planning and labor market analytics.

Over 1 billion current and historic job postings from 200,000+ sites in one central tool. Available in 11 countries!

  • Save time per employee; setup automated alerts for searches across thousands of site
  • Back up your talent management decision making with data
  • Boost your corporate image as a socially responsible employer helping employees find their next job
  • Motivate employees by surfacing job market prospects
  • Save significant cost on outplacement, and severance payments

Key Features

The largest searchable job database for lead generation

Ability to automate job searches

Search on categorized jobs including title, profession and industry filters, instead of keywords

Identify hard-to-fill jobs through historical posting data

Filter jobs by type (temp/perm), education required, company size, employer type, and date range

Search on organization names such as. prospects, customers and more

Labor market analytics on both the supply and demand sides of the market

Get alerted on jobs you want to find, by setting up automated job searches

Job Coach mode for outplacement


  • Coach candidates with insights into the labor market through visualizations/statistical data
  • Automated, advanced email alerts
  • Tracking Activity – Ability to view if employees click on and engage with the jobs
  • Set up multiple, advanced search profiles per employee
  • Manage users and access yourself
  • Ability to export data to excel for sharing with teams and using in presentations


“Textkernel contributes to the success of the people we help by enabling them to quickly identify relevant job offers. With Jobfeed, a job search on today’s social networks and job boards takes only 10 minutes instead of 2 hours. Patrice Debroissia, Partner at OasYs Consultants


Beyond outplacement – Define your Talent Acquisition Strategy once the market has recovered from downturn

Intimately understand who your competition is on the labor market with insight into:

  • Skills and professions – with deeper understanding of real competitor demand
  • Salary insights – Benchmark your offer against current market demand on a skill level
  • Posting habits – Where and how your competition are posting their jobs
  • Positioning – Identify and analyze how competitors write job descriptions and position themselves in the market

Discover new channels to attract talent

  • Identify niche/unfound job boards
  • Identify staffing agencies specialized in the roles you need to fill

Identify difficult to hire roles and answer questions with real data

  • Does my offer actually compete?
  • What is the current demand?
  • What is the best time to hire, based on seasonal changes?

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