Jobfeed in Bullhorn

Unlock the labor market with Jobfeed in Bullhorn

Jobfeed by Textkernel: Find the right business opportunities in an economic downturn, and prepare your business for when the market recovers. 

Bullhorn customers can now connect the entire online job market to their daily work. Jobfeed’s integration enables better quality lead generation, competitive insight and labour market analytics without ever leaving the CRM.

  • Get the highest quality leads of companies still hiring delivered to your inbox, daily
  • or: import leads directly from Jobfeed to our Bullhorn Leads – in just one click
  • Save at least 1 hour, per recruiter, per day on identifying new business
  • Increase your sales efficiency and business development output by focusing on opportunities with a higher chance of success
  • Gain real-time labor market data to provide your customers with key insights they don’t have
  • React immediately to market changes with automated, daily updates

Jobfeed aggregates hundreds of millions of current and historic job postings from 700,000+ sites across 10 different regions. Jobfeed is available in the following countries:

North America

  • Canada
  • United States


  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom

Find more leads, place more candidates – all within Bullhorn

Recruiters can now find high-quality leads directly in Bullhorn through Jobfeed, which aggregates and categorises job listings from around the web in great detail, creating searchable listings. Categories include distinguishing direct employers from agencies, company size and more. In combination with Textkernel’s powerful matching technology, staffing and recruitment firms can identify companies who are likely to buy their services and immediately match interesting job opportunities to their candidates.

Market insight – know what your competitors don’t

Jobfeed provides recruiters with competitive insight to support strategic decision-making, alongside background information to help close deals faster. By understanding the labour market through advanced analytics, recruiters can identify demand in key focus areas, discover opportunities with existing customers and find new companies that are most likely to do business. This competitive insight can also shed light on emerging market trends, highlight in-demand skills, track competitor behavior, and benchmark their company’s position in the market.

Discover Jobfeed in Bullhorn for your business

Find the right business opportunities in an economic downturn, and prepare your business for when the market recovers