Labor market data and expertise for government agencies

Labor market data and expertise for government agencies

Real-time, highly accurate labor market data and AI-powered talent management capabilities applicable for numerous talent and job market-related purposes

Textkernel works with a range of government bodies and public agencies to leverage our capabilities either for their own talent acquisition, management and planning purposes or to support the efforts of national employment agencies that are working to better connect more of their national workforce to local job markets.

We offer government bodies and other public organizations the following capabilities:

  1. Better inventorization of in-house knowledge and project-based skills by government employees to support internal mobility efforts.

  2. Labor market data (either via a portal or API access) for planning and budgeting purposes.

  3. A combination of labor market data and our AI-powered candidate-job matching to enable high volume, automated candidate-to-job matching for national unemployment agencies.

Government agencies and national employment agencies benefit from:

Tried-and-tested artificial intelligence software and expertise, allowing you to focus on your own business-specific strength and customer value proposition;

Labor market data that is real-time, de-duplicated and normalized and offers you highly accurate, high-quality jobs data across North American and European labor markets. Learn more about Jobfeed’s benefits.

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