Labor market insights to guide strategic planning and expand revenue

Jobfeed in Bullhorn - Market Intelligence for Staffing

Protect and expand revenue, diversify your business and guide strategic planning with Jobfeed market insights in Bullhorn

If any of these questions seem familiar Jobfeed in Bullhorn offers significant value for your business:

  • How can I be smarter with my top 5 customers to maximize revenue?
  • How do I position my agency as a strategic advisor?
  • Which new City / State / Region should I consider expanding to?
  • What Industries / Roles / Specializations require focus?
  • Which clients, partners, mergers or acquisitions are needed?

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Staffing will become a key strategic consultant for Corporate employers

“In particular, agencies have reported a growing demand for consultancy services, as employers look to staffing agencies for guidance in navigating the current landscape.”

COVID-19 Impact Survey, Bullhorn GRID

Key features, expanded

The largest searchable job database for lead generation

Ability to automate job searches

Search on categorized jobs including title, profession and industry filters, instead of keywords

Identify hard-to-fill jobs through historical posting data

Filter jobs by type (temp/perm), education required, company size, employer type, and date range

Search on organization names such as. prospects, customers and more

Labor market analytics on both the supply and demand sides of the market

Get alerted on jobs you want to find, by setting up automated job searches

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