Introduction to Mid Office

Accelerate growth through streamlined staffing operations

Save time, boost efficiency, and enhance satisfaction for both customers and temporary workers. Our Mid Office Platform automates operational processes, manages data, and ensures compliance. With a single user-friendly portal, your temporary workers, hirers, and intermediaries can easily access all they need.


Elevate efficiency with seamless Onboarding

Get your temporary workers on the job as soon as possible with our user-friendly onboarding. Our Mid Office platform offers the most advanced features for onboarding. Identify your temporary workers in a heartbeat, generate contracts based on CLA agreements and get them signed easily by all stakeholders.

  • Generate contracts and get them validly signed
  • Identify temporary workers through global identification services
  • Bulk import for large groups

Ensure 100% compliance with automatic timesheet interpretation

Make sure your temporary workers get paid accurately. Automate time capture and save time on manual calculations with our 100% compliant and rule-based timesheet interpretation solution. Suitable for every CLA agreement.

  • Efficiently process and approve timesheets
  • Ensure 100% compliance
  • Suitable for all Collective Labor Agreements (CLA)

Automate 90% of your process with workflow automation

Want to manage leave request, sick reports or the provision of materials? With our workflow automation solution you can automate every process. Boost your efficiency and eliminate all repetitive work!

  • Streamline business processes
  • Customize workflows using existing templates
  • Manage everything from leave requests to material provisioning
Experiences That Inspire

"Thanks to the Timesheet interpretation, we achieved significant progress in a short period, resulting in considerable time savings. As a result, our back office team can now generate four times more turnover with the same staff."

Marco Reder

IT Manager
Problem Solving Solutions

Effortless Candidate, Client and Compliance management

Automate Workflows

Replace manual processes with automated workflows, reducing the chances of errors and inefficiencies and allowing your team to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

Centralize and Unify Data

Replace fragmented data across systems and spreadsheets with a centralized hub. Gain a holistic view of your operations, enabling better decision-making and fostering collaboration among team members.

Ensure Compliance

From automating compliance checks to generating comprehensive audit trails, we help you mitigate compliance risks and ensure adherence to industry standards.

Unique Features that Make Us Stand Out

A platform you can build on

Maximum flexibility

Modular design. User-friendly and intuitive.

Always scalable

Proven for high-volume processing.

Branded interface

Tailored to your brand with a branded interface.

Available in 26+ Languages

Present the portal in the right language.

Textkernel AI solution
See Textkernel in action

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