CxJobfeed: access to all online jobs with Jobfeed data in Carerix

Textkernel and Carerix both offer innovative solutions for recruitment. In addition to Textkernel’s CV parsing and semantic search software, online job data from Jobfeed has now also been integrated into Carerix: ‘CxJobfeed’.

Easily search all jobs and recognise sales leads
Jobfeed is Textkernel’s Big Data tool for jobs that automatically searches the internet for new job ads on a daily basis. All jobs are de-duplicated and automatically classified by criteria such as profession, required qualifications, location and company name. With CxJobfeed these jobs have been made searchable and accessible directly from the Carerix software. This offers Carerix users the ability to easily search all jobs. “CxJobfeed helps users, directly in the Carerix workflow, to quickly find the right jobs for candidates in their own database.” said Reinald Snik, CEO Carerix.

“CxJobfeed helps users, directly in the Carerix workflow to quickly find the right jobs for candidates in their own database.”


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About Carerix
Carerix is a supplier of CRM & ATS systems for personnel intermediaries which are hosted in the form of a SaaS model and supplied via secure data centres. Carerix was incorporated in 2003 and has currently just under 50 employees. Carerix services more than 10,000 users on a daily basis, across more than 17 countries and works together with various strategic partners. In addition to their main office at TU Delft Science park, Carerix also has a development site in Kiev.

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About Textkernel
Textkernel specialises in semantic recruitment technology and offers high quality multilingual CV parsing and semantic search, sourcing, lead generation, matching tools and labour market statistics to accelerate and improve the process of matching demand and supply in the job market.

Textkernel was formed in 2001 as a private commercial R&D spin-off of research in natural language processing and machine learning at the universities of Tilburg, Antwerp and Amsterdam. Textkernel now operates internationally as the leader in semantic recruitment technology.

Textkernel’s software is easy to integrate into any CRM or ATS system and benefits e-recruiting, mobility, job boards, employers, staffing and recruitment agencies and recruitment software vendors.