Expanded Partnership Recruiter XL and Textkernel

Since its inception in 2010, partner Recruiter XL has been using Textkernel’s resume parsing software Extract!. This close cooperation has now been extended with an integration of almost all of Textkernel’s products within Recruiter XL.


Recruiter XL developed a system that offers optimum support for recruiters in their daily work, saving a lot of time. To realise this, Recruiter XL integrated Textkernel’s semantic recruiting tools in their application which is based on years of recruitment experience. Recruiter XL and Textkernel share the philosophy that a recruitment application, besides offering efficient processes and good technology, should connect the outside world (the web) with internal data.

By implementing Textkernel’s semantic searching and matching technology and the job spider Jobfeed a system has arisen that enables recruiters to quickly and accurately match internal and external candidates with internal and external job vacancies.

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