Grow your business with the latest in labor market intelligence

Do more with more – find needles in the haystack

With millions of vacancies posted online every month (and many are just duplicates) finding new leads can feel like trying to find the needle in the haystack. This is where smart technology can help you out! We’ve recently updated Jobfeed – the big data tool for lead generation, competitive insights and labor market intelligence – with new features that help you find the needle(s) faster.

Search everywhere from one single location

Jobfeed aggregates job postings from around the internet and compiles them into one, easily searchable database. This data is classified and thanks to our detailed and up-to-date knowledge of the job market, the data is then enriched with relevant information, including synonyms and related terms. So discovering new, actionable leads is faster and easier than ever.

New: Know what customers and prospects are doing – as they do it

You can now easily follow the posting behaviour of customers and prospects by uploading entire lists directly into Jobfeed and applying a custom label. By setting up an email alert for your labels, you’ll automatically receive insights into their posting behaviour directly in your inbox as often as you want.

New in Jobfeed UK: Search by industry

Now you can gather key industry insight no matter your what niche is. Let’s says you want to find jobs posted by employers in specific industries such as Healthcare or IT. The new industry filter allows you to dive deep into the data. These filters can also be used in Jobfeed Analytics to gather insights in the number of jobs per industry; or in Excel reports where you can split tabs of data by industry to quickly shift through the data.

The industry filter is currently available in Jobfeed Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Spot hard-to-fill vacancies for your time to shine

Job postings still active after a couple of weeks are most likely hard to fill – and the perfect opportunity for you to jump in! Jobfeed can re-notify you when jobs are still active after x weeks and send those directly to your inbox. The only thing for you left to do is close the deal. Another way Jobfeed filters help you get in touch with prospects is by refining your view to only show ads that have contact information. This way there’s no further investigation needed, you can immediately get in touch with the poster and win new business.