How a french jobboard uses Textkernel’s matching technology to improve sourcing on its candidate database

Paris, March 2018: Textkernel and Ouestfrance-emploi showcased the integration of Match! to the Job board’s recruiter interface at the Solutions RH trade show. Set up in 2015, this solution has allowed Ouestfrance-emploi users to get automatic access to thousands of candidate profiles as soon as a job is published on the platform.

The n°1 Job board in France’s western regions

Launched in 2001 as an add-on to the traditional job listing published in Ouest France (the leading daily newspaper in France with 3 million daily readers), receives 1.1 million unique visitors each month with more than 35 000 jobs online.

A new service for its paid users

Seeking to offer new features to its paid users with no additional cost for companies recruiting on the job site, the team was looking for a matching solution that could facilitate the automatic selection of candidates registered on the site. After the submission of specifications to several potential providers, chose Textkernel’s technical know-how to implement this project.

Textkernel technology to automatically match jobs and candidates

Textkernel matching technology comes into play as soon as the recruiter publishes a job. Match! analyzes the main components of the job description including the title, the location, the experience required, the level of education and more. At the same time, this is compared to the information in the profiles of candidates registered on the Job board. The recruiter then receives a notification email that indicates the number of candidates that correspond to his advertisement. This was, even before the ad is viewed by a large number of Internet users and before receiving applications, the company can immediately start recruiting!



Thousands of profiles already matched

Since its introduction in May 2015, the service has been used to match tens of thousands of profiles to jobs published on the site. Comparing jobs against nearly 300,000 registered members, more than 100,000 relevant profiles were offered to recruiters using the site, with an average of 2.5 profiles matched per published job.

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