Interview with Jérémie Roboh – MRJ | Job Explorer

Interview with Jérémie Roboh, Managing Partner at MRJ

Can you tell us something about your company?
MRJ Web is a company specialised in the development and integration of Open Source web solutions as well as software development. Our strategy revolves around two complementary areas of activity: on the one hand the design, implementation and search engine optimisation of recruitment agencies’ websites and on the other the development of related applications. It is in this framework that we have developed the full web-based software: Job Explorer .

What role does technology play in your strategy?
Technology is at the heart of our company. Job Explorer combines a native and complete ATS and CRM which allows you to simultaneously manage sales prospects, candidate pools and related activities such as setting up appointments or sending emails.

How does Textkernel’s technology help your business?
The technical approach of Textkernel is exactly what we expect from a partner. We chose to integrate Extract!, Search! and Jobfeed into Job Explorer, to provide an extra service to our customers. After testing multiple parsers, Textkernel’s resume parsing software Extract! turned out to be the most suitable module because of its well thought-out web dimension. The possibility to process candidate CVs which are generated automatically in HTML format is especially valuable for a full web-based software system. To increase the quality of our service, we have chosen to integrate the semantic search software Search!. Finally Textkernel’s product Jobfeed proved to be responding well to the needs of our client working in the field of outplacement. By working as a bridge between the CRM and ATS components of Job Explorer, Jobfeed allows consultants to directly identify prospects who are actively recruiting. We are now in the process of making it possible for Job Explorer to directly propose candidates matching the job to its users.

How do you see the future of Job Explorer? What is your ambition for the company?
Job Explorer is the latest ATS to have entered the market. It has however grown surprisingly rapidly since its introduction at the trade show Solution RH in 2013. We have spent the past year perfecting the software and narrowing down our positioning. We have also concluded partnerships with strong actors within the recruitment ecosystem such as Textkernel, Multiposting, Corporama and are planning to keep doing this for the upcoming year.

Our ambition in the short term is to become a major player in our field. Time will tell …