Jobfeed hits the billion!

Textkernel’s Big Data tool has sourced one billion online job postings

Jobfeed, Textkernel’s searchable job database, has reached its billionth online job posting. For the development team, the billion mark is like a small anniversary. For us, it’s a reason to take a closer look at this incredible number of online job postings.

Over 200,000 postings a day

Since October 2006, Jobfeed is searching the internet daily for new postings, categorizing them and generating an easily searchable database. Starting in the Netherlands, it covers ten national job markets today. You are struggling to imagine one billion job postings? Let’s do the maths: since 2006, Jobfeed has found an average of 217,533 postings per day and 9,063 job postings per hour. Let’s see some of the facts this data reveals!

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Covering the massive US job market

The clear dominance of the American job market in the Jobfeed data is striking. Almost half of the online job postings come from the USA. And Jobfeed was only launched there in 2016. The American job market publishes significantly more online job ads than the individual European markets.

Language barriers

Of course, most countries post jobs in their national languages. But what about foreign languages? The Netherlands is at the top with almost 5% English-language job advertisements, followed by Germany with 3.8%. France remains at home in terms of language. French recruiters post almost all job advertisements en français. Also, French is the most prominent second language in the English speaking job markets.

Part-time paradise

Dutch employers seem to be much more looking for employees who work part-time. Almost 20% of all online job advertisements request less than 32 hours per week. France is second with 12.2%, all other countries stay below the 10% barrier.

Learn more about Jobfeed!

Jobfeed automatically searches the Internet for new job postings every day. It filters out duplicates and automatically classifies jobs according to criteria such as profession, required qualifications, location and company name. The data can then be enriched, for example with job synonyms, sector information and company data. Today, Jobfeed covers ten national markets with more than 13 years of search history. The user-friendly Jobfeed portal makes it easy to search jobs, produce analyses, identify sales leads and set up job alerts.

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