Jobfeed: new and improved user interface

Textkernel has released a new version of Jobfeed that includes a revamped user interface. This new version further improves the user-friendliness of the portal and makes it easier to improve to implement future updates.

Improved Jobfeed interface with clearer results

Jobfeed is Textkernel‘s Big Data tool for jobs with which you can identify companies that are recruiting, follow the behaviour of your clients and prospects on the job markets, find jobs that match the profile of your candidates or get a detailed picture of the the supply side of the job market.

Clearer results

To provide you a quicker and better understanding of your search results, we have adjusted the jobs list. You can now access from the get-go, the most important information for each of the job found and quickly select those that are the most relevant to you.

Clearer results in Jobfeed

  • Job title replaces profession
    Jobfeed classifies and normalises jobs to a set of professions. Jobfeed would normally show the normalised profession in the search results, instead of the job title. Following the feedback from users, telling us that the original job title often contained useful information, we decided to bring back the job title in the search results.
  • Name of the advertiser
    You can now see the name of the advertiser without having to open each of the job vacancy.

A greater ease of use

The new version of Jobfeed possesses new functionalities which will make the portal more user-friendly.

Improved job details in Jobfeed

  • Job details more clearly displayed
    By clicking on each job, a drop down windows with more details on the job selected such as job type, contract type, contact details of the announcer etc.. will be presented. You can also chose to display the job description or directly go to the website where the job has been posted.
  • Navigating between jobs with up and down arrows
    You can now use the up and down arrow to navigate though you search results and select those who are relevant to you.
  • Job description in pop-up window4
    If you wish to visualise the text of the job description in its entirety, it will appear in a pop-up windows, allowing you to go back quicly to your search results.

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