Jobfeed review 2011

jobfeed_logoTeam Jobfeed has been very busy in 2011: launching Jobfeed Analytics, introducing new features and enabling the press to use Jobfeed as a source.
Below is a summary of Jobfeed’s highlights of 2011.

Introducing Jobfeed Analytics
In February we introduced Jobfeed Analytics. Jobfeed Analytics is a new Jobfeed product that allows you to easily make analyses of the labour market. This product has enthusiastically been received in the market. Both many existing as new customers make full use of Jobfeed Analytics.

New features Jobfeed
The Jobfeed portal offers now new possibilities. New features in Jobfeed enable you to make better use of the labour market information. For example the LinkedIn integration, that allows you to see who of the advertising company is in your personal network. Saving vacancies, so you can mark interesting vacancies for you or your colleagues. And making personal configurations based on occupations, regions, industries and education levels, so you can find more targeted vacancy information.

Fast growing customer base
That Jobfeed is doing well, is reflected by the strong growing number of customers. In 2011 over 70 new companies started working with Jobfeed, amongst others UWV Werkbedrijf,, Thaeles, de Persgroep, Gemeente Rotterdam, Unique and Monster.

Jobfeed as a source
Also for labor market information, Jobfeed continues to be an important source. In 2011 Jobfeed was used as a source by amongst others ColoUWVRWI (pdf), Recruitmentmatters.nlDagblad de and Werf&.

Jobfeed goes international
In November Jobfeed announced an international rollout. The groundwork has been laid for Jobfeed France and Germany and will be further developed in 2012.

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