Jobfeed top 100 job sites Q1 2014

Jobfeed, the largest job database in the Netherlands for HR professionals, has created a ranking of the top 100 job sites in NL – Q1 2014. Below you can find a preview of the 20 largest job sites in the Netherlands.

Position Website Number of jobs
1 46069
2 37375
3 34674
4 32170
5 28552
6 22865
7 20601
8 17359
9 16185
10 14958
11 14539
12 10309
13  9921
14  8967
15  8276
16  7878
17  7459
18  7450
19  6366
20  6272

Largest sites based on the *number of jobs posted in Q1 2014, excluding duplicate jobs within the same site, internships, volunteer work, student jobs and franchises.
Source: Jobfeed top 100 job sites Q1 2014

The list above is based on number from Jobfeed. Jobfeed collects online jobs through an automated spider process. In some manual adjustments have been made. If your organisation is not correctly represented in this list, please contact Textkernel:

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