Jobfeed top 100 job sites – Q1 2015

Jobfeed, the searchable  and analysable database of all real time and historical online job data, has created a ranking of the top 100 largest job sites in the first quarter of 2015. Below you can find a preview of the 20 largest sites.

Position Website Number of jobs
1 67817
2 48509
3 47180
4 44547
5 36724
6 36721
7 34582
8 30311
9 29975
10 26763
11 25651
12 23611
13 23265
14 18392
15 17529
16 12591
17 12064
18 10786
19 10302
20 10228

Check out the full Jobfeed top 100 job sites Q1 2015

The list above is based on number from Jobfeed, Textkernel’s Big Data tool for jobs. For the top 100 job sites, the number of jobs posted in Q1 2015, excluding internal duplicates, internships, volunteer work, summer/temp jobs and franchises have been counted. Jobfeed collects jobs by means of an automated spider process. If your organisation is not represented correctly in this list, please contact Textkernel:

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Jobfeed collects all jobs on the web, enriches the data and makes this searchable in one application. The jobs can be searched by several criteria such as agency/employer, industry, profession, location ánd on which websites the jobs have been published. Jobfeed is the must have tool for recruitment and temporary staffing agencies as well as outplacement & redeployment.

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Jobfeed is a product of Textkernel BV, technology supplier of multilingual cv parsing and semantic search & match software.

Download: Jobfeed top 100 job sites in Q1 2015