Meet our Head of R&D at the Machine Intelligence Summit

Our R&D team are passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, advanced Computer Science and Language Technology. They can quite often be found at events and conferences presenting Textkernel’s latest R&D work. This week Mihai Rotaru, Head of R&D at Textkernel, is presenting at the Machine Intelligence Summit in Amsterdam. We asked him what he will be talking about and how he and his team translate their academic research into state-of-the-art products for HR and recruitment.

What will you be speaking about?
I will be discussing how Machine Learning and Deep Learning are revolutionising the tooling for matching people and jobs. In particular, I will talk about several exciting results coming out of current Textkernel R&D projects. Using Deep Learning, we are getting very close to releasing our next-generation (CV and job ads) document-understanding models. We are seeing great improvements in performance and robustness. I will also present experimental work in building a language-independent resume parsing system similar to Google’s universal machine translation system. On the searching and matching side, I will describe how relevance can be improved and customised via Learning to Rank.

Why is this important or interesting?
For a general audience, this talk will show how state-of-the-art academic research is translated to industry settings, in particular for the HR domain. As a company with strong academic roots, we maintain close ties with the academic community and see them as fundamental to bringing the best products to the market. Technology enthusiasts will get a chance to peek under the hood of Textkernel products and learn more about the challenges behind a seamless match experience.

How can HR and recruitment benefit from all of this?
Successful matching of people and jobs has three crucial ingredients: document understanding, powerful searching and HR domain knowledge. This talk will highlight how Textkernel’s R&D is improving the performance in each of these dimensions. Our goal has always been to develop technology that works so well that you will not even notice it. Our R&D work enables us to continually develop our products and keep up with this goal. This work is bringing us even closer to the goal!

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