milon: saving time with Textkernel’s CV parsing software

milon-industries-gmbhmilon, the manufacturer for unique training systems, uses Textkernel’s CV parsing software integrated into Persis recruiting software to automatically analyse CVs received via e-mail. This automated analysis of CVs can be easily used within Persis and leads to a faster and more efficient process.

Integration of Textkernel as a buying decision

The slogan „we care about you“ is not only directed towards customers but also to milons candidates. milon receives many applications and cannot process them manually anymore. “A lot of applications even came via post. They had to be scanned and manually filed into our system”, explains Annette Fischer – recruiter at milon – about their past processes. In 2012, milon decided to start using Persis and did not regret this optimisation. Annette Fischer points out: “For us a CV parser was an essential tool to get rid of the manual data entry. The reason that Persis uses Textkernel’s CV Parsing software was definitely part of our buying decision.

Positive candidate experience and time saving

Candidates can just send an e-mail with their attachments to milon. In the background, Textkernel extracts relevant information and creates a structured and searchable profile in Persis. Annette Fischer explains further: “With Textkernel’s resume parser we save 80% time compared to our old process of manually creating a profile. Candidates can just send an email, which also leads to a positive candidate experience.”

About milon
For more than 40 years, milon studied how people can train in the simplest, safest and most effective manner. The result is a number of unique training systems supported by system solutions and comprehensive operating concepts. For all of milons innovative strength, they also have a considerable amount of tradition backing our success: values like German engineering and our dedication to honesty and sustainability.

About Persis
Since 1987 Persis GmbH develops High-Level Human Resource Software. Locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Paderborn, Rüsselsheim, Leonberg, Munich and Vienna provide proximity to customers and implement integrated personnel processes with Persis. Several thousand clients utilise Persis to support their processes from applicant data administration to human resource development.

About Textkernel
Since 2001 Textkernel has been developing smart HR solutions to accelerate the process of matching demand and supply in the job market. With Textkernel’s multilingual CV and job parser, its semantic search and matching software, as well as its Big Data job platform Jobfeed, Textkernel offers tools that can be easily integrated into existing systems and offer additional value to your customers.