New colleagues about working at Textkernel

In 2014, 13 new colleagues joined our company. We’ve asked Georgi  (Support Engineer), Néstor (Web Mining Software Engineer), Daniela (Recruiter), Marcel (Senior Account Manager), Paul (Front-end Software Engineer), Thijs (Data & Quality) and Andrea (Consultant) why they chose Textkernel and what their experiences are.

Why did you choose Textkernel?

Néstor: It looked to me like a place in which you would get good challenges and where high-skilled people gather and try to find the best solutions to complex problems.

Andrea: Textkernel is neither as informal as a startup nor as formal as a big company, so it’s the perfect middle point!

Marcel: For me it’s the combination of technology and the labour market, international colleagues and its location in Amsterdam.

Paul: The best conditions are provided here, especially for someone who relocates from abroad: compensation, recognised sponsorship, all procedures went fast and smoothly. And, of course, the most interesting and challenging projects!

What can a new employee expect?

Thijs: A welcoming company that wants to grow and innovate, and in which your work is seriously needed and appreciated.

Daniela: Nice colleagues, interesting work – you simply can grow with this company.

Néstor: Bright people working hard. Interesting ideas popping up all the time. A good overview of all the company, where you feel part of the big project.

Andrea: You can expect to learn LOTS of new things every day and nice people who are always ready to help!

What is the best part of your job?

Daniela: No day is like the other.

Georgi: Implementing clever workarounds to respond to each client’s needs.

Paul: Going into really small details to make something perfect.

Andrea: My job can be stressful but I like that we can laugh about it with my teammates.

What is a normal day at Textkernel like?

Paul: Every day is different. In general, everything goes fast, although there is no big pressure. I don’t know how to explain it. Fast, but relaxed.

Thijs: For me, it’s finding efficient solutions to challenges regarding the data that goes into our models and testing the quality of the data that comes out.

Néstor: You may arrive after biking or walking through a beautiful mini-forest. You start with a stand up with your team, so you will know what was done yesterday, what is to be done today and what the main problems are that people are facing. After that, you work on your project. When you get hungry, you have a nice lunch in the common kitchen and get to know the rest of the people in the company. The atmosphere is quiet and it is easy to work, without a lot of interruptions.

How to best describe Textkernel?

What makes Textkernel stand out from other companies?

Georgi: Its nice location.

Marcel: Top products, room for own initiative, international setting and colleagues.

Néstor: Its flatness: whereas there is hierarchy, people get to work in a very flat way. The building itself is anything but flat, so I think there is some kind of compensation there!

Andrea: I have found that your opinion counts, even after only working here for a short time. Also, the extra benefits are actually very attractive!

Paul: It is hard to tell, but once you’re here, you’ll understand it without words.

Textkernel2014-newcolleagues1In the picture
New colleagues 2014: Néstor, Tristan, Andrea, Paul, Daniela, Thijs, Beata, Maarten, Marcel and (not in the picture) Ludmila, Andrii, Agnes, Cyssiah.