New Jobfeed features

Jobfeed is constantly working on improving its products. In the last couple of weeks, Jobfeed has introduced some new features, for Jobfeed in the Netherlands, as well as for the new editions: Jobfeed Germany and France.

Searching-by-contract-type-in-JobfeedIt is now also possible to filter by contract type. This is especially useful to exclude internships and volunteer work from the results. This field can be used in the Jobfeed Portal as well as in Jobfeed Analytics for results dating from June 2011.

For Jobfeed Germany and France the configuration of ‘my professions’ is available (via settings – settings search form). With this feature you can configure your own lists based on your chosen professions. For Jobfeed in the Netherlands, this was already available.

Other new features (available in all Jobfeed countries):

  • Searching in Analytics by profession group (the extended Jobfeed classification of professions within a profession class)
  • Excel export of the fields Jobfeed job ID (Jobfeed attribute for that vacancy posting) and unique job ID (Jobfeed attribute for all postings of the same unique vacancy)

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Jobfeed is a product of Textkernel BV.