New Jobfeed release: Automatic suggestions of synonyms and related job titles

Enrich your job search with synonyms and related terms. The new Jobfeed release makes it easy! As a user you have had the possibility to click the checkbox ‘search with synonyms’ in order to add related terms and synonyms. With the new redesign of this feature, it will now be possible to see the professions as an autosuggest and pick yourself the most relevant ones. This gives you better insights and helps you finding more opportunities.

Benefits of the new feature

Users can now explicitly select certain professions to enrich their search which results in more interesting opportunities. On top of that users can create their own list of relevant professions directly in the search form. For multilingual countries (e.g. BE: French and Dutch-language jobs), users can type in either language and will still find vacancies in both languages.

How you can use it

The autosuggest feature is now available for all users with a Jobfeed portal login. The new feature is very easy to use: Just start typing the profession or job title that you are looking for and pick the professions suggested to you. In the background Textkernel will add synonyms to these professions and deliver you the best matching results after you have clicked ‘search’. Textkernel also takes frequencies into account, meaning that the job titles which are most widely used will show up first.

Have a look at the new feature