New look and feel for Jobfeed Analytics

The new user interface for Jobfeed Analytics is now more intuitive than ever. Analytics has always been a very valuable feature in Jobfeed and with it’s recent re-design, you can get meaningful results with just a few clicks.

What’s new?

The newly designed interface makes it easier to deep dive into the data. To get better insights, you can now add up to three levels of rows and one column to your data sets. You can also ‘drag and drop’ fields, which allows you to change the sequence of the data according to your needs.

It is now easier to find the fields you want to report on. The fields are organized in categories and can be found quickly by typing a part of their name.

In the report preview, it is now easier to see which part of the data you are looking at by hovering over a cell with your mouse.

You now have the ability to go full screen as well, so that you can get better insights into the data without the immediate need to export the full report to Excel. Loading a saved report is now easier than before, and can be done directly from the Analytics screen.


Did you know you can set up an email alert to automatically receive an Excel report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Go to ‘My Jobfeed’, configure your report and set up the alert. Don’t have access to this feature? Contact your account manager to discuss the options.

Already a user?

The new User Interface is directly available to all Jobfeed users with an analytics account. Try it for yourself by clicking on the Analytics tab in your Jobfeed account.

Why use analytics?

Analytics in Jobfeed is a great tool to analyse trends in the labour market and gather labour market information. It provides you with strategic insight into the job market that helps you gain a competitive edge.

Not an Analytics user yet? Contact us to discuss upgrade options.