New: matching profiles with jobs from Jobfeed

Textkernel realised a connection between its semantic search & match software and its job market analytics tool Jobfeed, that enables matching profiles to all online jobs in the Netherlands, Germany and France. This helps bring together supply and demand in the labour market even better and faster.

Textkernel uses the text of the CV of profile of the candidate and automatically creates a search. The search can be performed on your jobs and with Jobfeed also on all online jobs in the Netherlands, Germany and/or France.

Jobfeed-van-TextkernelJobfeed collects and structures all online jobs and makes these searchable. With the addition of Jobfeed to Match! you can match a profile to all online jobs in the market in the Netherlands, Germany and France, so you can easily find that relevant job for your candidate, client or employee.

Alternatively, you can match a job (from your database or from Jobfeed) to profiles (from your databases, job boards or social media). The ability to match both ways with all jobs, bi-directional matching increases the chance to make that relevant match.

On Friday 4th April, the English webinar of the new Textkernel Search! & Match! release will take place at 16.00 CET. This webinar will also feature the new bi-directional matching with matching a job from Jobfeed to CV databases and matching a profile from a CV database to all online jobs in the Netherlands, Germany or France.
Want to know more? Register for the English webinar or directly contact us.

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