New release CV parsing software Textkernel

Textkernel has released a new version of its resume parsing software For this release a number of new features has been developed and improvements have been made.

What’s new?

  • Profile picture detection The CV parsing recognises profile pictures in a cv and stores this in your database.
    Schermafbeelding 2013-08-07 om 11.16.10
  • Social media link extraction (LinkedIn, XING, Viadeo, Facebook, Twitter, Google+) The new release distinguishes and extracts social media links from CVs and fill this into your database.
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  • ““Apply with” Google+, Facebook and Viadeo The “Apply with”-widget, which was already enabled for LinkedIn and Xing, is now also available for Google+, Facebook and Viadeo. The “Apply with”-widgets offer benefits to both you and your candidates. Applicants can select the profile (or CV) they want to apply with, without having to duplicate any information. Textkernel’s software extracts the data from these different sources and stores it in the format of your database. This provides you with complete and structured information for you to search through.

What else is in the release?

  • Speed and stability improvements We are constantly working on improving the speed of our software. Users will directly benefit from this in the new release. The next steps in the improvement process are already planned.
  • Improvements in:
    Parsing English and German Europass CVs
    Address parsing for African addresses in the French language modelCountry detection for Austria and Hungary
    PDF parsing
    LinkedIn skills parsing
  • Bug fixes 

Want to know more?

Are you interested in a free demo of Textkernel’s extraction software or would you like to know more? Contact Textkernel.