New release CV parsing

Textkernel is proud to present you with a new edition of its resume parsing software Extract!. Below you can find the most important new and improved features.

New features:

  • Extraction of computer skill levels
    Textkernel can now parse the level of expertise per computer skill as indicated in the CV. This allows you to quickly evaluate whether the candidate meets the required skill level.
  • Configuration available for customer specific skills
    Generic skill levels (such as ‘expert’ or ‘2 years’) can also be extracted for other (non IT) specific skills.
  • Integration of the ESCO skill and job title taxonomy
    Textkernel is the first HR technology vendor that offers implementation for the ESCO taxonomy. ESCO is the European classification system for skills, competences, qualifications and occupations and enables exchange of CVs and job vacancies between different IT systems.
    Read more about Textkernel and the ESCO taxonomy.

Improved features

For all languages improvements in:

  • Speed (10-30% faster)
    In this release we implemented further speed improvements. Parsing CVs will now be up to 30% faster than the previous CV parsing release.
  • Parsing of full LinkedIn profiles
  • parsing of full HTML profiles
  • parsing of LinkedIn skills (new for html)
  • Parsing content from Word tables
  • Classification of phone numbers (mobile versus fixed)
  • Calculating of total years of experience

Language-specific improvements in parsing of:

  • German: name and address
  • French: address, education sections, parsing of DoYouBuzz CVs
  • Russian: name, phone, address

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