New release Extract! CV Parsing

The new release of Textkernel’s resume parsing software Extract! has gone into production. In this release IDOL of HP company Autonomy is embedded. The input document can be be shown in html in its original layout. This is visible when processing CVs in our Sourcebox interface.
Below you will find all new and improved features:

New and improved features

  • New: HTML view retaining original lay out of input document (visible in our user interface)
  • New: extraction of first and last used date plus calculation of total duration for all skills (computer skills, soft skills, language skills)
  • New: extraction of Twitter and LinkedIn url, email, phone and reference fields in LinkedIn profile parsing
  • Improved extraction of project experiences in CVs for English, German and Dutch
  • Improved German address extraction and splitting
  • Improved extraction of German names
  • Improved extraction of German drivers license
  • Improved Swiss address splitting
  • Improved extraction for English home phone numbers
  • Bug fixes

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