New: Search! & Match! 2014.3 – the mobile release!

Textkernel is going mobile!

With mobile becoming a standard in today’s working life, the recruitment process will also have to adapt. To accommodate to this need, Textkernel introduces Search! & Match! with responsive design!

In this new release, the user-interface of Textkernel’s semantic search and matching software has been made responsive, which means it can be used on any screen, mobile or tablet. It also allows Textkernel’s powerful technology to be easily integrated into mobile apps, enabling user-friendly searching and matching of jobs and people.

This new release is an important part of Textkernel’s mobile recruiting technology.

Highlights Search! and Match! 2014.3

Read below the highlights from the Search! and Match! 2014.3 mobile release.

Mobile user-interface

Search-view-on-mobileSearch! and Match! now have a user interface with responsive design. The interface will adjust to fit on any screen, mobile or tablet. The newly developed mobile layout is designed to fit on all Apple and Android phones, while retaining the most important functionalities of the desktop version.

Wildcard search on external searchers

In this new release, the use of wildcards is permitted in both your own databases as in external sources. You could write devel* to search for terms that starts with ‘devel’, such as development, developer and more. Using wildcard search in external sources is unique and something you cannot do on other search platforms!

Usability improvements

  • Grouping of facets
  • Selecting ‘must have’ condition per keyword
  • Removing all query terms from one section
    (e.g. remove all IT skills)
  • Sharing ‘read only’ projects
  • Added email templates
    (besides English also French, German, and Dutch)
  • E-mail alerts for multiple internal data sources
  • Fixed e-mail address for alerts

Speed improvements

Textkernel has made improvements in speed, allowing results from multiple sources to load faster.