New tricks in the Jobfeed version 2014.2

Textkernel released another new version of Jobfeed with new functionalities. Read about the newest changes and how we made Jobfeed even more user-friendly.

Easily search for only one part of a word (Jobfeed portal) 
In Jobfeed you can now easily search for just a part of a word in the vacancies. Within all text input fields, such as job title/occupation, city, organisation and website you can use wildcards (asterisks) to search for a specific part of a word. Previously, the wildcard was only used to search for all words that start with a certain term. Now the wildcard works both ways. Below are some examples:

  • Wildcard at the end of a search term
    If you search for  book* you find all the terms that start with book, like booksellerbookkeeper and booking
  • Wildcard at the beginning of a search term (new!)
    If you search for *driver in job title you will find all the vacancies with a job title ending on driver, such as cabdriver and truckdriver.
  • Term between wildcards (new!)
    If you search for *manage* in keywords, you will find all the vacancies with the word part “manage”, such as management and productmanager.

Analytics reports via e-mail (Jobfeed Analytics)
Now users of Jobfeed Analytics can also receive a reconfigured periodical (daily, on working days, weekly or monthly) report via e-mail. Saved Analytics reports are now available in the tab  “Search profiles” , where the e-mail alerts can be configured.
For example: You can also create your analysis (eg number of jobs per month per occupational group, measured over the last year) yourself and send it on the first day of a new month.

Analytics with percentages (Jobfeed Analytics) 
In the past you could export totals and averages in Jobfeed Analytics. Now it is also possible to retain percentages (of the total). So you immediately see the percentage of your selection relative to the total.
For example: when you run an analysis on profession classes in 2013, you will immediately see the percentage market share of each profession class.
For further information about Jobfeed Analytics, please contact Textkernel.

Welcome e-mail when creating a new user (Jobfeed with sub users) 
For Jobfeed accounts with sub users (accounts in which users can be created) the ability to send a welcome mail to the new user has been implemented. The e-mail contains the login information and contact details of the account owner.
For further information about Jobfeed with sub users, please contact Textkernel.

Jobfeed is a product of Textkernel, supplier of multilingual CV parsing and semantic search and matching software.