New version of labour market analysis tool Jobfeed

Textkernel is constantly working on the quality and new features of Jobfeed, the monitoring tool for the labour market. Last week, Textkernel released an update of Jobfeed. Below you can find the most important changes and improvements.

  • Setting up Excel reporting for users
    Jobfeed customers with Excel can now select which users can receive the Excel reports.
  • Easier searching by site name
    Searching by site name in the Jobfeed portal is now even easier. When searching for website it is now sufficient to just use the site name without an extension (like .com, .nl or *). You can for example just search for linkedin in stead of or linkedin*.
  • Single sign on for Jobfeed-Match!
    Users that (want to) automatically log into Jobfeed from an external system, can now also be immediately redirected to Match! without an additional login.
    Read more about Match! or request a demo.
  • New API
    A new API has been added for listing creating, modifying and deleting users.
    Would you like to have access to this API, send an email to
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

These updates have been implemented in the current version of Jobfeed. For questions regarding these changes or about Jobfeed, you can contact Textkernel (phone: +31 20 494 2498, e-mail: