Recruitment’s most comprehensive semantic search technology gets even better

  • Newly-updated Search! continues to offer the widest coverage and deepest understanding to help recruiters find and place the best candidates before the competition
  • Maximize your global sourcing efforts by finding the best candidates faster
  • Search in any language, with semantic enrichment now available in 13 languages

Textkernel is enhancing the recruiter experience with the latest release of Search!, offering the most comprehensive semantic search software available. Our first release of 2019 builds upon 18 years of groundwork in machine intelligence for matching people and jobs and allows recruiters to analyze and understand the market, connecting people and jobs quicker than ever before.

Comprehensive search means broad coverage…

Textkernel’s Search! offers recruiters the ability to source in every language ensuring that no matter where the candidates are, you can find them first. But it doesn’t stop there. For even more accurate results we offer semantically-enriched search that means recruiters can find what they mean, rather than just what they type.

…and deep understanding

We’ve added semantic search in Greek, Polish and Simplified Chinese, to bring our total list of semantic search languages to 13 languages. And since semantic search provides a deeper understanding of what recruiters are looking for, through automatically offering synonyms and related terms (in all languages you choose, at the same time), you have more accurate results to help find the most relevant candidates.

So, no matter whether candidates express their profiles in English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish or Swedish; Search! helps recruiters find them first. More semantic languages will be added throughout 2019 so stay tuned!

Less time typing, more time sourcing

A single, simple query within your own ATS/CRM is all that’s required to unlock the value of internal databases, while at the same time searching across multiple external sources. And, with this new release, recruiters can dynamically edit queries on-the-fly by clicking on relevant content in their search results. Recruiters can now take note of interesting job titles or skills in search results, and with a single button click add them to their query with a weighting of “Nice to have!, “Should have”, “Must have” or “Exclude”.

Enhancing the recruiter experience

The latest release also brings a number of enhancements that simplify the recruiter’s daily workflow. From automatic saving of recent search queries, to a new viewed history that highlights if and when you viewed a candidate profile in the past, Search! makes it easier to find candidates faster. That’s not all, recruiters can now search by availability, including the dates and times of day candidates become available.