Report: The Candidate Experience in the UK

In recent years, the Candidate Experience has become a major theme in the conversation surrounding talent acquisition and recruitment. This concept encompasses all of the elements that make a candidate appreciate (or not) his/her recruitment process.

To get a better understanding of how UK application processes take into account the candidate experience, Textkernel, specialist in semantic recruitment technology, has conducted a survey amongst UK recruitment and HR professionals of 62 companies.

You can find the infographic summarising the survey results below. For further details, please request the full report at the following link Candidate Experience UK.

Infographic - the UK Candidate Experience Survey results small


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Report - the Candidate Experience in the UK

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About the report

This survey has been conducted by Textkernel in collaboration with the FIRM and Job R Network, between March and June 2015 amongst HR professionals of 62 companies active in the UK.

Textkernel specialises in semantic recruitment and HR Big Data technology. Textkernel provides HR professionals around the world with the tools to improve the candidate experience and recruit better and faster.

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