Search! 2.0 – Compare the best candidates

Textkernel has made a new release of Search! available. Search!, semantic multi-database search, helps recruiters to easily find the best candidates. Search! not only makes the internal databases better searchable, it also simultaneously searches for candidates in multiple external sources. The Search! 2.0 release contains many new features that make it even easier to filter out the best candidates from the database:

Score indicator
After entering your search query in Search!, you receive a list of candidates ranked by the best fit. How well your candidate scores on the individual criteria is now shown by the score indicator. By hovering your mouse over the score, you will directly see which criteria your candidate does or does not meet. This way you will get even better insights into your results.

Search! 2.0 Score Indicator
Search! 2.0 Score Indicator

Compare candidates
What candidates match your search query best on paper? Which applicants will you invite for a first interview? You can now easily compare candidates in Search!. The ‘compare candidate’-view gives you an overview of a selection of candidates and how they match your search criteria. This allows you to easily and quickly make a selection of the most interesting profiles.

Search! 2.0 – Compare Candidate-view
Search! 2.0 – Compare Candidate-view

Monsterboard search
Search! not only searches your own database, it also simultaneously searches external sources. In addition to LinkedIn, Xing, Viadeo and Facebook, external search is now also available in Monster. You do require a Monsterboard login. By linking Monster to Search! you make optimal usage of all your sources, without having to open multiple windows.

New in Search! is reporting. As an administrator of Search! you will get insights into the search behaviour of your recruiters. Which fields to they use to search for candidates? What are the most used search terms? How many results appear per search? These reporting tools offer you insights to make the search proces even more efficient.

Other new features

  • Save searches
    Save your searches so you can immediately start working with them next time.
  • Export candidates
    You can export selected candidates as an .csv or .xsl file
  • Profile pictures
    The search results can now also show profile pictures
  • Danish interface
    Besides Dutch, English, German and French, the Search! interface is now also available in Danish.
  • New tag cloud types
    The terms that are standardly displayed in tag clouds, can now also be presented alphabetically in the form of a list or column.
  • Hide facets
    The search interface can be configured to show or hide facets dependent on the results.
  • Google API
    Support for external search by means of the (paid) Google API is available.

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