Search! update (2014.2) – Active Sourcing release

SearchTextkernel has released a new version of its semantic search software Search!. Besides semantically searching your internal database(s), Search! also allows you to simultaneously source external sites such as LinkedIn, Xing and Monster.

Textkernel is continuously optimising and expanding the functionalities of its external searchers to meet its customer’s needs. Therefore, this release is fully dedicated to active sourcing.

LinkedIn Location Search

Locations in the Netherlands and Belgium have been automatically translated to LinkedIn areas. When you search for a Dutch or Belgian city, the LinkedIn tab will show you people from the corresponding LinkedIn regions.

  • Textkernel is able to map code tables to external code tables, such as LinkedIn areas or Monster regions. This functionality will be extended in upcoming releases.
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Find IT profiles on Github and StackOverflow

Textkernel added the popular IT expert network sites Github and StackOverflow as external searchers. These are interesting sources that can help recruiters discover interesting IT profiles. Search! offers you direct access from its user-friendly interface.

Search by document date

Want to search for people who have recently changed their profile? This new release now enables searching by document date, the date that a document has been altered.
This applies to the external databases LinkedIn, Facebook, XING, Viadeo, Github and StackOverflow.

Configure external searchers on user level

This release provides the ability to set up external searchers on a user level. This means that besides activating external searchers on an account level, this can now also be done per individual user.

More information
Want to know more about this release? Contact Textkernel via or via phone at +31 20 494 2498. For more information about Search!, request a demo.