Searching with Textkernel in Connexys

Connexys-zoekenOn Thursday 26 April Connexys presented the Fast Forward release of its recruitment system. This contains Textkernel’s new search application. The feedback was very positive.
Read here how Connexys customer DMG (De Mandemakers Groep) benefited immediately from Search!

The WOW! effect
De Mandemakers Groep was one of the first customers to make use of Connexys Fast Forward. As part of this they tested ‘the new way of searching’.

The new way of searching of Textkernel really had a “WOW!-effect’ on me“, says Corina van Hemert, Manager Recruitment at De Mandemakers Groep. “You search your database as well as LinkedIn at the same time. You directly get the best matching results. It works really handy..”

Immediate results
That Textkernel’s Search! not only makes searching easy, but also offers good results, is supported by Corina’s story. She says: “I started searching with our new vacancy for Director Marketing and E-Commerce. I immediately found a candidate that fits our vacancy and team perfectly. We are approaching her as we speak.

Textkernel’s Search! application is used by all Connexys customers with the Fast Forward release. Want to know more?
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