Social Media Search! in Peoplexs

More and more organizations recognize the use of social media to find new candidates. Social media platforms provide access to many new profiles. Therefore Partner Peoplexs has integrated Social Media Search! by Textkernel into its system. With Social Media Search!, Peoplexs offers its customers the ability to effective search for candidates through various social media platforms.

Social Media Search! uses the job vacancy profile as the basis of the search. With a single search, you simultaneously find candidates from multiple social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook. Found candidates can be added with one click to the application process of the Peoplexs system. Social Media Search! offer you a good basis for finding the right candidates.
Social Media Search! in Peoplexs is variant of Textkernel’s Search! Would you like to know more, go to the Search! page or please contact us.