How Textkernel and Akyla will be key to improving redeployment rates

How Textkernel and Akyla will be key to improving redeployment rates

With increasing competition for talent improving candidate redeployment rates is an important goal for staffing agencies that deal with flex employment. However, knowledge about candidate availability and job fit are often missing in their systems. With this year’s acquisition of Akyla, Textkernel will be able to close this knowledge gap. We explain why Textkernel acquired Akyla and what steps you can expect from the cooperation in the future. 

In June 2022, Textkernel acquired the software company Akyla, a Dutch company considered a true best-of-breed solutions provider offering mid-office platform solutions for automated redeployment, efficient management of flex workers, time management and document processing.

Staffing organizations are currently experiencing a tough candidate shortage in the labor market. This situation will become more critical in the coming years due to workforce demographic changes in most western societies. In this situation, recruitment is becoming more and more expensive and time intensive. Candidates are precious and staffing agencies will want to have a high redeployment rate instead of continuing a post-and-pray methodology followed by time intensive recruitment processes. However, information about candidate availability – crucial for a successful redeployment – is often missing in front office systems where recruitment takes place.

The right data for smart business decisions

Textkernel’s acquisition of Akyla will add to our suite of solutions enabling staffing agencies to turn data into knowledge for smarter business decisions. As a mid office software solution, Akyla’s solutions assist customers in administrative tasks like onboarding, hourly registration, time interpretation, digital signing or vendor management. The Akyla solution connects front and back office systems and has direct access to both candidates and employers via a mobile app. They know when an assignment is ending and a candidate will become available.

Based on this data, customers using Akyla and Textkernel will benefit from matching results that are more tailored to their processes and the availability of candidates. They will be able to offer new opportunities to candidates at the right time, increase retention and avoid repeating the cost and time intensive recruitment, interviewing, selection and onboarding processes.

Combining the best matching engine and the best mid office system will positively impact the candidate engagement as well as the candidate experience and eventually result in lower turnover, better fill rates, lower cost-per-hire, lower time-to-hire. And apart from the staffing companies, the candidates will also benefit from a better redeployment: less financial risk and uncertainty which will result in a better image for staffing companies.

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