Textkernel and CloudCall partner to offer seamless intelligent automation workflows within Bullhorn

Textkernel and CloudCall partner to offer seamless intelligent automation workflows within Bullhorn

Amsterdam/London, December, 09, 2020 – Textkernel, specialists in machine intelligence for matching people and jobs, and CloudCall, experts in making business communications easier, quicker and more powerful, announce a new partnership allowing staffing professionals to save time by finding and connecting with top talent quicker than ever before in Bullhorn.

Empower recruiter workflows with intelligent automation to save time and connect people and jobs

Textkernel’s advanced semantic search, sourcing and matching technology, integrated directly in Bullhorn allows staffing professionals to create a match based on either a job description or resume with a single click, identifying and shortlisting top candidates from your Bullhorn database or external sources. Once you’ve created your shortlist, candidates can be easily sent to Cloudcall through Bullhorn’s tearsheet functionality to help connect more efficiently. This can be done either through CloudCall’s PowerDialier, which automates phone outreach to clients and updates Bullhorn records once connected; or through Broadcast SMS, which sends a personalized message with important details to all candidates in the tearsheet. 

“Whatever the market conditions, recruiters know that finding and connecting with top talent faster than the competition is key to winning business and keeping both candidates and clients happy. This partnership between Textkernel and CloudCall, seamlessly integrated into Bullhorn, offers another way recruiters can save time through automated workflows, allowing them to focus more effort on the human side of recruiting.” – Philip Van Leeuwen, Director of Global Partnerships, Textkernel

“Textkernel and CloudCall solutions already provide a huge number of benefits to our customers.  By using both technologies together, Bullhorn are continually empowered to work more efficiently and productively, with enhanced capabilities.  We are delighted to work alongside the excellent team at TextKernel.” Daniel Fox, Channel Marketing Director at CloudCall 

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About Textkernel

Textkernel works with over 1,000 HR and staffing organizations and HR software vendors worldwide to bring the latest in artificial intelligence technology to our customers’ fingertips. We work with companies across multiple industries delivering multilingual parsing, semantic search and match, and labor market intelligence solutions.

As industry pioneers, we leverage over 19 years of experience to translate state-of-the-art AI thinking into technology solutions that work for you.

About CloudCall

CloudCall creates innovative technology that makes business communications easier, quicker and more powerful. By providing advanced communications software that integrates with CRM systems, our users can manage their communications in the same space as their data. With innovative features that include inbound, outbound and SMS, CloudCall helps create smarter conversations, better customer experience and improved employee performances through efficient workspace environments and productive processes.