Textkernel and Mya Systems partner to offer seamless intelligent automation workflows within Bullhorn

Textkernel and Mya Systems partner to offer seamless intelligent automation workflows within Bullhorn

Amsterdam/San Francisco, December, 3, 2020 – Textkernel, specialists in machine intelligence for matching people and jobs, and Mya Systems, experts in automating candidate engagement and communications at scale, announce a new partnership allowing staffing professionals to find top talent and recruit faster using cutting-edge AI technology.

Save recruiters time by finding the best talent fast and instantly engaging and converting the most qualified leads

Textkernel’s advanced semantic search, sourcing and matching technology, integrated directly in Bullhorn, allows staffing professionals to create a match based on either a job description or resume with a single click, identifying and shortlisting top candidates from your Bullhorn database or external sources. Once you’ve identified your talent, they can be seamlessly added to a Mya Outreach campaign. Here Mya’s intelligent conversational AI automates candidate outreach and engages directly with candidates to screen and schedule interviews at a convenient time and location – saving recruiters valuable time and ensuring an unparalleled recruiter and candidate experience. 

“We’re really excited by the value our new partnership with Mya will deliver to Bullhorn clients. Both companies understand how intelligent automation can save recruiters significant time and enhance their workflow for speed and scale. By allowing technology to handle the more administrative elements of their job, recruiters will have more time to focus on the areas where a human touch is vital.” – Philip Van Leeuwen, Director of Global Partnerships, Textkernel

“The integration between Mya and Textkernel marks an exciting opportunity to deliver even more value to Bullhorn customers. Combining the power of Textkernel’s powerful candidate search and match capabilities with Mya’s groundbreaking conversational AI to automate candidate outreach at scale, both seamlessly integrated into the Bullhorn platform, will deliver significant efficiencies for our staffing clients. Through this exciting new partnership, this game-changing, fully integrated solution offers our Bullhorn customers a truly automated recruitment experience.” – Mike Pauletich, VP of Global Alliances & Partnerships, Mya Systems

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About Textkernel

Textkernel works with over 1,000 HR and staffing organizations and HR software vendors worldwide to bring the latest in artificial intelligence technology to our customers’ fingertips. We work with companies across multiple industries delivering multilingual parsing, semantic search and match, and labor market intelligence solutions.

As industry pioneers, we leverage over 19 years of experience to translate state-of-the-art AI thinking into technology solutions that work for you.

About Mya

Mya Systems provides the leading recruitment automation and conversational AI platform – transforming the hiring process by automating outreach and communications across the end-to-end candidate lifecycle. Serving hundreds of top brands including 52 of the Fortune 500 and 6 of the 8 largest global staffing firms – the solution helps hiring teams scale their sourcing and talent engagement efforts, screen and shortlist large applicant pools, and automate the scheduling process. Mya leverages cutting-edge AI to deliver the industry’s most robust, two-way conversational experience, gather deep insights, and build trust and confidence with its users. Mya is highly configurable, supports all major messaging channels, can be embedded in the career site and application flow, and is seamlessly integrated into your ATS, CRM, and calendar systems.